Choosing Tomatoes – Indeterminate vs Determinate


There a two types of tomato plants…indeterminate and determinate. Indeterminate tomatoes continue to grow throughout the season. For example, the above photo shows one of our towers containing a couple indeterminate black cherry tomato plants. They’re planted in two of the bottom net pots. After growing inside the cage to the height of the second rung, we trained them to drape over the rung and grow toward the ground. They will grow far beyond the space available, if left to their own devices.

On the other hand, determinates grow to around 3 feet tall and do not require much (if any) pruning or trimming.

This differentiation is particularly important if you’re tower gardening. How much room do you have? How would you trellis an indeterminate variety? Do you want to put in the time to trim and prune?

Although the black cherry tomatoes we’re currently harvesting taste incredible, we plan to switch to determinates starting this fall.


Great Bug Book

Good Bug Bad Bug BetterGood Bug Bad Bug Inside

I love this bug book entitled simply Good Bug Bad Bug by Jessica Walliser. Each pest or beneficial bug is pictured along with a description, explanation of damage, list of susceptible plants, live biological control options (good bugs that eat the pest bug), preventative actions and organic product controls. (click the pictures to enlarge)

The spiral binding allows the book to stay open to the page you’re reading. If you can’t find it locally, you can pick up a copy from Amazon, Good Bug Bad Bug on Amazon. Enjoy!

Sticky Trap Garden Pest Control

Sticky trapI mentioned sticky traps in the previous post, so I thought I’d give you a bit more detail on this product. Controlling flying garden pests can be enhanced via sticky traps as shown in the above photo from our garden. Although these traps are definitely not attractive, they obvious do their job.  Non-poisonous and weatherproof, sticky traps attract a broad spectrum of flying insects including: aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, leaf miners, and moths. This inexpensive product comes with a wire twist to easily hang on plants or branches.

If not carried by any retail stores in your area, a search on Amazon will reveal multiple suppliers.