5 Tips for Growing Lettuce in the Summer

Severely Bolted Red Crisp Magenta Lettuce

Severely Bolted Red Crisp Magenta Lettuce

One of my absolute favorite things about the Tower Garden is the ability to grow lettuce all year round here in central Florida. Because the ground gets too warm causing dormancy, lettuce can’t be grown in the traditional garden during our summer months.

That said, it’s helpful to keep the following things in mind when growing summer lettuce in the Tower Garden:

Bolting: Lettuce will bolt much faster in the summer due to the combination of heat and longer hours of sun. What is bolting?  Read more: Newsletter – 5 Tips for Growing Lettuce.


How To Keep Seedlings Cool in the Summer

Seedlings grow much better when the water surrounding the base of the rockwool is cool. This can be a challenge in the summer. Here’s how I keep our seedlings cool until they’re ready to be transferred to the Tower.

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